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We manage our clients’ Trademark Licensing Processes. Current clients include Volvo Trucks, Volvo Buses, Volvo CE, Mack Trucks and Renault Trucks.

Complete control of the licensing of your trademarks

Many businesses today license their trademarks for merchandise without the necessary administrative and legal infrastructure, and they improperly handle trademark licensing, which poses dangers like losing control of your strategy and receiving merchandise that don’t correspond with your trademark. Making your own products is simple, but allowing others to use your brand needs a firm understanding of licensing.

A full overview of your trademark licensing program

Professional licensign programme used by top tier players

Effero offers the entire infrastructure for a professional licensing programme, from product approvals, contracts, compliance management, to reporting and follow-up.

Manage the everything from contract to deal

Effero secures the operation of your trademark licensing by managing the contract process, from deal to termination.

Get started

Product approval flow, from concepts to final approval for sales. Royalties, from Royalty report to cash in the bank, and your compliance programme, from Compliance reviews to Site Audits. Learn more about what our team can do for you. +46707168001

Secure your trademark licensing

Take control over your trademark licensing with our team at Effero.