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About effero

We let our clients focus on the strategic brand and relationship building aspects of the Trademark Licensing program by managing the administrative process they want help with, from full service to single consulting meetings.

This is Trademark Licensing

Even if the royalties from the licensing program are always welcome, our clients are normally more focused on building their brand. Licensing can be a way of reaching a different and wider audience.


As an example, here’s a link from Volvo CE that achieved just that: Read more here

Licensing made easy

Licensing can of course also be used as a business model. It sometimes may make sense to let someone else handle a specific product line, geographical market, or sales channel. When your product is including service or know-how, this business model can be worth pursuing. Although we are mainly working with trademark licensing, we are happy helping you out with any type of licensing of Intellectual Property, e.g. Patents, Design registrations, Copyright, etc.

In any case you will need a stable process and systems support to make sure you track and document approvals, get the sales and royalties reported and invoiced, manage the contract lifecycle, and so on. We are using a cloud solution form Dependable Solutions Inc. and we will do the entire licensing job for you, or just give you a quick recommendation, or anything in-between.

So, what’s the difference between Effero and licensing agents?

Agents will sell licenses and their financial success is normally fully dependent on how much they can sell. In other words, they will always prioritize those potential licensees that can pay high royalties, preferably in advance, sometimes at the expense of other brand values. If that fits with your strategy for you trademark licensing, we will be happy to recommend some agents to you. Our business is brand development, compliance, and effective administration.

Our Licensing Process

1. License request phase

– Licensee submits license request form, plus sends a sample of a similar product.
– Brand reviews and decide on initiating the contract process.

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement phase
– Effero drafts a Non-Disclosure Agreement and sends to licensee for signature.
– Licensee signs and returns to effero that submits to Brand for signature.
– Once fully signed, the Licensee original it’s returned to the Licensee.

3. Contract phase
– Brand will define commercial terms with Licensee.
– Effero will draft contract and send to Licensee.
– After any iterations needed the Licensee signs the contracts and sends to Brand.
– Brand signs and the Licensee original is returned to the Licensee.

4. Development phase
– Licensee submits approval requests through our DRM system over three different stages:

i.      CAD/Artwork
ii.      Prototype
iii.      Pre-/First production

– Each stage needs to be approved before moving on to the next.
– Once all stages concluded (Final Approved) the products may be sold.

5. Sales and compliance phase

– Licensee sells the approved items and reports that sale quarterly through our DRM system.

– Effero/Brand reviews the reports, process them and invoice the Licensee

– Brand and/or effero will also monitor the market for potential deviations, including in some cases auditing manufacturing sites, sales sites, accounting, etc.